Development & Wellness

Education, Engagement, & Advocacy


• Explore ICT

An adult day educational program that encourages independence, continued learning, community exploration and value, and self-advocacy, leading young adults to lead fulfilled lives. This program allows participants to express themselves effectively and develop necessary life skills to lead them to independence, such as learning to make phone calls, set up appointments, awareness of personal hygiene and self-care, practice household skills, understand financial responsibility, learn etiquette, and how to function in social settings. A weekly health and wellness session is offered at a local health club, plus opportunities for the young adults to do volunteer jobs.


• Fitness Frenzy

Fitness Frenzy is designed for the high school and adults, interested in fun movement of motion, healthy physical activity and lots of fun!! With use of music and dance aerobics, these guided sessions allow for individuals to take steps toward a healthier life with friends. We encourage participants to bring a friend along for these energetic fitness sessions.

• Art & Advocacy

For high schoolers and adults; provides opportunities for expressions of creativity through art mediums, including visual arts, culinary art, music, and others. Sessions include a short independent skill-learning tool along with producing a creative piece. Outcomes expected are development of expression through art projects, while connecting with peers for development of relationships and community.

• Summer of Discovery

Provides a fun-filled exploratory experience for individuals with Down syndrome ages 5 through adulthood – and their siblings ages 5-18. We help the kids to feel included as they connect with peers, learn about the world, make new friends, read, learn creatively, do hands-on exercises, and participate in group and age-appropriate activities. Sessions are held for three days each week for five weeks beginning in July, including a weekly field trip. Throughout the summer on a weekly basis, we provide reading time for continued education and strive to make continued learning fun and creative.

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education, engagement, & advocacy

• Learning Series

Educational seminars for parents/caregivers are held bi-monthly on a topic-based schedule. Seminars are designed to help develop, educate and engage parents on specific care and resources for their special child/adult for life. Topics to expect include savings plans, Individualized Education Program (IEP) and school challenges, healthcare, development, and others.

• Connection Groups

Whether you’re a new family, or a family caring for an older individual with Down syndrome, we’ve created Connection groups that encourage strong bonds, peer development and family to family support. Connection groups are based on the age of the individual served or location, and meet once quarterly.

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• New Member Outreach

Primarily targets ages 0-2; however, all ages are eligible. We make an initial connection with new or established families (new to the area or to our programs) offering resources, tools, resource brochures, support, and new baby baskets filled with books, DVDs, baby products and area information. We provide hospital awareness and educational opportunities as we encourage families to start or continue using our resources. The outcome provides engagement, connectivity, assistance in development, and education for new families, primarily those of the newest babies born at area hospitals and listed with local agencies.

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• Medical Outreach